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The Art of Greek Cookery

by the Women of St Paul's Greek Orthodox Church

As with many of the cookbooks that I pick up, I initially picked up this vintage cookbook because of its strong Greek theme that captures the flavors of a country. As is tradition for most Mediterranean households, these recipes were passed down through the years, then finally written in this classic book to honor the heritage of the church’s families. 


Greek food is similar to the Middle Eastern dishes I grew up eating— with its love for thin phyllo pastry, honey and grape leaves among other ingredients; however, I was unaware of the breadth of flavor before I began testing out the recipes enclosed in the pages. The ones I found most intriguing were those that I had not previously encountered. Dishes such as the cod (link) featured on my blog, have a simple preparation but an inspiring combination of tastes that highlight the prestige of simple flavors.

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