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Out of Vermont Kitchens

by The Women's League of St. Paul's Church

Although I have only been working on this blog for a few months, I have already met so many interesting people with endeavors and hobbies similar to my own. One of these individuals, Joanna Johnson, runs a blog entitled 'Brave Little Plate' she delves into the specifics of Vermont cooking by uncovering old recipes. 

Coincidentally, we had started emailing a few weeks ago because of our shared passion— recommending recipes, books and other blogs like ours. Also coincidental was Johnson’s recent purchase of Out of Vermont Kitchens, a cookbook from the early twentieth century that conveys a particular moment of New England cuisine. Unfortunately, we have since realized that we do not have the same editions, with me carrying the eleventh printing while Johnson has the fifteenth. Nonetheless, that in itself is exciting— it shows that this particular type of cooking has a longstanding tradition. It might be relatively unknown to the public, but it exists in the domestic space of Vermont kitchens. 

Regardless of the different editions, we decided to embark on a journey, where we would each test and perfect three recipes each.One of those recipes, we would be a shared recipe. We choose to make the Cookies with baked frosting, each making our own twist to a recipe we both thought was interesting. I then choose to make the Pineapple Upside down Cake and Onion soup. While Joanna chose to make Banberry Tarts and Banana Butterscotch. I hope that our collaboration sheds some light on this history and seamlessly brings it into contemporary times. But more than this, I know that you will enjoy making these recipes as much as we enjoyed working together to modernize them.

Out of Vermont Kitchens cover
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