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Blondie's Cookbook

by Chic Young

This book is for the comic book fan in all of us, but it’s also for people who LOVE sandwiches. It’s an entertaining read, even in this day and age when we may think it’s dated. If you’re looking for sandwich inspirations, Blondie’s has a few. If you’re young enough to remember this comic strip, Dagwood loves his sandwiches. So, it’s only fitting that this book has a variety of recipes, starting with the Skyscraper Special and offering recipes for other sandwich options such as the Persian Sandwich. 

The recipes are a combination of throwbacks to days gone by but are also recipes that can be made today. And no sandwich is complete with a side of soup or salad. This book gives great options for those as well. Along with fun recipes ideas, there are entertaining comic strips mixed in. My favorite part of the book is the final chapter, “Picnic Fare.” Dive into pages filled with more sandwich ideas as well as classics like Potato Salad and Old-Fashioned Lemonade. 

Blondie's Cook Book cover
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