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Authentic Mexican

by Rick Bayless with Deann Green Bayless

Rick and Deann Groen Bayless, upon exploring ‘the markets of Mexico’ realized how rich the tradition of food preparation was, to the point that they were inspired to record all of their findings in a book. Much like how I aspire to create content on my own blog, the Baylesses did their research into a centuries-old tradition to recover ingredients and techniques of cooking that may have been unknown to the American public at the time of writing in 1987. 

Their efforts to introduce flavors such as mole and ingredients like tomatillo are valiant— a constant source of inspiration to me. While I have adapted the particular recipes, like pork enchiladas (link to recipe) or arroz verde (link to recipe), I have tried to keep the heart of each dish the same as how the Baylesses recorded them: as a reflection of a vibrant culture and an unparalleled taste that does not shy away from spice, freshness and comfort. 

Authentic Mexican cover
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